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CubeHead Punks

Hello, we are the “CubeHead Punks”.


 Rejected from the realm of becoming true “crypto punks” but nonetheless this second-tier crew is pretty good looking too!

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Why hold a CubeHead Punk?

CubeHeads Unite

There will only ever be 222 CubeHead Punks and an undisclosed amount of CubeHead Apes (Collection 2). You deserve to show it to the world.

SOL Lotteries

Fortnightly SOL lotteries to distribute a % of royalties back to CubeHead holders.

DAO Voting

Be a part of DAO by holding a CubeHead, where you can have a say in the project's direction. Holders can earn rewards and gain exclusive access to the CubeHead Club.

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CubeHead Features

Our collection of 222 CubeHead Punks is non-generative and has been handcrafted by our dedicated team of digital artists.



10 Backgrounds, 12 Skins, 3 Mouths, 15 Mouth Accessories, 4 Eyebrows, 2 Noses, 20 Eyes/Eyewear, 53 Hair/Headwear, 8 Ear Accessories, 58 Clothes, 10 Facial Hairs & 9 Accessories.



Our low supply mixed with the high number of traits enabled us to give each CubeHead some unique swag, all while maintaining a fair rarity scale to see how your traits add up. All traits determine how rare your CubeHead is!


Creative Process

The combination of the pixel, voxel, and rendering makes these CubeHeads hard to miss. Add some fire new traits on top and you get CubeHead Punks.

Pixel 3.0

roadmap base_2.gif
Q1 2022 (Pre-Launch)

We start off our journey by creating high quality 3D CubeHead Punks, the combination of pixel, voxel, and rendering has never looked better. We want to bring our pixel art to life! This will take time and lots of care in each individual CubeHead Punk to ensure it feels unique with traits you’ve never seen before as well as some classics mixed in. This way we can maintain the vintage punk style NFT art while creating a whole new spectacle of NFT for the growing Solana community. We appreciate your patience with this! 

CubeHead Punks is a whitelist only project with the ability to gain more than one whitelist spot for those who show their loyalty and love for the project and the community.  

During this creation process, we will be building an active, tight-knit community for those who love 3D NFT art and feel like they’re a part of a special community, that is CubeHead Punks. 

Prior to launch, we will work towards being pre-approved by Magic Eden to allow for a smooth transition from launch to the secondary market. Following this listing, CubeHead holders will be verified and added to our holder’s discussion as we establish our DAO allowing all CubeHead Punk holders to take part in our decision-making process.

Q2 2022 (Collection 1 Mint)

Our first collection of 222 CubeHead Punks will be released onto the Solana Blockchain. All whitelisted members will have the chance to mint their own CubeHead Punk. 

Once listed on the secondary market, a % of sales from the mint will be kept in a team wallet to sweep the floor to reward our community as best constantly we can and grow as one. 

It doesn’t stop there for those who join us! Fortnightly SOL lotteries will be initiated where a % of the royalties from that period will be randomly distributed to certain CubeHeads in the holder’s chat. And, with such a low supply, your chances look pretty good.

The remaining mint fund and royalties will be used to work on our very own $CUBE token and staking platform for CubeHead holders to earn our token.

Q3 2022 (Collection 2 Mint)

Did someone say Apes? 

There’s no better way to introduce it, we will be straight back to work creating Collection 2, better known as, the CubeHead Apes. The supply is TBA as we progress after the Collection 1 mint.

A large proportion of royalties from the CubeHead Apes project will be distributed to a community wallet for the benefit of our fellow CubeHeads. 

To be referred to as a CubeHead, you will have to own your very own CubeHead Punk OR CubeHead Ape! But why not both!

Q4 (CUBE Token) + Future

After our CubeHead Apes mint, we will be launching our own $CUBE Token, which at first, will be distributed to our holders of a Punk or an Ape. Funded through the sales of our CubeHeads, the $CUBE token will be the utility for all things in our community. The ability to stake both collections will be given to our holders where extra $CUBE will be rewarded to both Punk and Ape holders.

As we progress on our journey, we are always looking to bring in passionate team members and moderators to open new avenues and put CubeHead Punks on the map!

The CubeHead Punks developers have lots of love for the NFT space and where it is headed, and it is our goal to be at the forefront of this as Solana continues to expand. Stay tuned for more to be released, but our future together looks bright as our dedicated team is all about giving back to those who show their love for our project. Just know we want to bring your CubeHeads to life! Hint, hint.

Artist/Community Manager
I have a Bachelor of Engineering and 2+ years of involvement in the crypto space. A passionate digital artist and am always down for a chat in discord. Alongside my team, we are ready to create one of the loosest projects and communities on Solana.
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I have a Bachelor of Business/Property and 3+ years of involvement in the crypto space. I am very passionate about digital artwork and am constantly looking to improve my skills and add skilled members to our successful team.
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Lead 3D Artist
7 years of Graphics and 5 years of 3D experience. In the past I have worked on multiple highly successful ETH, CEAT and Government projects! Feel free to message me in any of our channels I love talking about digital art.
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Blockchain Developer
I'm an experienced blockchain developer having worked on multiple successful Solana projects. 
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Meet the Team

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